Singleton Hicks ⋅ Co-Founder/CDO (Chief Design Officer)

Singleton is a graduate of the Landscape Architecture program at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. He started Foreground with Noah in order to advance, elevate, and modernize landscape design in the Columbus area. Singleton is naturally creative, artistic, and detail oriented, as well as a great teacher. His innately innovative personality means your design will be unique to you!

Noah Mabry ⋅ Co-Founder/CVO (Chief Vision Officer)

Noah is also a graduate of the Landscape Architecture program at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University (that’s where he met Singleton after all!). While Singleton is the real powerhouse of Foreground’s design prowess, Noah’s main role is client interface. He makes sure to fully understand and interpret the vision of the project so that our plans and built projects reflect a personal and cohesive outdoor space. Whether it’s gardens, patios, or structures, Noah loves to create environments that make our clients thrilled to be living “Outside of Ordinary”.

Evelyn Verde ⋅ Project Designer

Yes, her last name means green in Spanish, and you do not know how appropriate this is. Evelyn’s love of plants, creativity, and individuality shines through in all of her work. She is a graduate of the highly regarded Ball State Landscape Architecture program in Indiana. She will love meeting you and learning about your project, but she will definitely love your dog more. Evelyn also likes to spend time out in nature, painting, and doing a ton of nerdy things that we won’t list out for her sake.

Tom Clary ⋅ Project Manager

Tom takes our vision from concept to reality. He joined us after a storied career on the West Coast. He moved to the frozen mid-west and immediately joined Foreground Studio for our unique designs and the fresh challenges they bring. His care for our clients and the details of their projects is impossible to surpass. He will “bench” press any problem into a diamond of a solution. When not crushing our client’s expectations he is crushing it at the gym training with his wife as they are both competing bodybuilders.

Victoria Slaughter ⋅ Studio Coordinator

Don’t let her effervescent and quirky personality fool you…Vicky will “Slaughter” you with her dedication for keeping our projects on track and our clients happy! She is the main point of contact for clients and contractors alike, in order to maintain sanity in the sometimes insane world of construction. And just know that if you speak to her in Spanglish and/or Lord of the Rings quotes…she’ll understand you.”