The Guys

Singleton grew up in Columbus where he developed an affinity for nature and enjoyed seeing what the earth could produce. His parents and grandparents instilled in him a deep and abiding affection for nature. After earning a BS in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University, he worked as a Lead Designer in the landscape design/build industry until founding Foreground with Noah.

Noah was born and raised in central Ohio and has a passion for landscape deep in his bones and running through his veins. Growing up he helped in his dad’s vegetable garden and would spend his allowance on plants. Noah received his BS from Ohio State in Landscape Architecture where he partnered with Singleton on multiple projects. Before founding Foreground he worked on public parks, urban planning projects, and the landscape design/build industry.


What We Do

We are skilled artisans who transform any space into one that is artful, modern, and inspired.

At Foreground we reject the cookie cutter design approach that is so common in the landscapes we see today. We take advantage of the specific conditions of your site to create a place that is enticing and welcoming. We believe the landscape should act as extension of the architecture it surrounds, enhancing the lives of those who experience the space. We are able to translate your ideas and wishes into a landscape that you and your family will enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

At Foreground Studio we think the design process should be fun and exciting. From the first time we visit a site to the last day of construction we enjoy every minute of creating landscapes, and we want you to feel the same way. This is how we produce such compelling and stimulating designs.


How We Do It

At Foreground, we go beyond landscapes to create outdoor experiences.

We start with a thorough analysis of the current conditions of the site, as well as an inventory of our client’s desires. A conceptual design is drawn and presented to the client, and any desired revisions are made. Once a plan has been finalized bids are solicited from our list of trusted contractors and the best offer is accepted. Throughout the construction process Foreground Studio’s project management services ensure the agreed upon plan is executed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.